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Course Registration




1. Course Registration Procedures and Precautions


 1) Students can register for courses through the KU portal system during the designated period each semester.

 2) Prior to course registration, course credits should be examined from curriculum descriptions to avoid over- or


 3) Students can register for up to eight credits (four courses) each semester.

     ※ However, prerequisite courses do not count towards the credit limit (8credits stated above).

 4) Courses to be registered are decided by students. However, students should be careful about courses and credits

     required for graduation.

 5) Since required courses differ by department, curriculum descriptions should be examined prior to course    


 6) Thirty credits are required for completion of the thesis track. Excluding Thesis Seminar and Research Guidance, at

      least 26 credits (13 general courses) should be completed over the span of five semesters. However, since the

     fourth and fifth semesters are usually reserved for thesis writing, obtaining the required credits by the third

     semester is recommended. Students are recommended to take basic common courses and major required courses


 7) The course registration status can be checked on the course registration page (KU Portal > Class > Course  

      Registration > Course Registration, and changes can be made during the course add/drop period.

 8) After the course add/drop period, further course registration or change is not possible.


2. Course Registration Method


    Exclusive registration URL 



  •   Enter your student number and password (new students should enter the last seven digits of their resident
  •   registration number for password).
  •   Select the course registration start-up screen (selection of graduate school: Graduate School of Labor Studies;
  •   selection of semester: 2R).
  •   Review syllabi (Graduate School Major Courses > click Course Number)
  •   For detailed explanations of the course registration method, refer to notices posted at the beginning of each semester.