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Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations can be defined as interrelationships between labor, management, and the government, including workers and managers who are direct parties to labor relations, and the government that establishes regulations on labor-management policies, collective bargaining, and labor-management disputes in their relationships. In traditional industrial relations, efforts have been focused on maintaining industrial peace and establishing reasonable industrial relations in order to resolve the inevitable conflict or conflict of interest arising from distribution justice or conflicts between workers and managers, the most direct and essential parties to industrial relations.

On the other hand, under the recognition that joint efforts and trust between labor, management, and government to strengthen national competitiveness along with enhancing corporate productivity, productive labor-management relations and labor-management culture have recently been paid much attention and effort to promote mutual cooperation and coexistence, such as distributing performance through productivity growth, participating in management where workers and unions share management authority and responsibilities, and establishing labor-management partnerships in human resource development.

The Department of Labor Relations, established to fulfill its role and responsibilities as a cradle for fostering Korea's leading labor-management experts, aims to help students understand systematic and creative problems in overall labor-management relations issues, including rational resolution of labor-management conflicts and the establishment of labor-management partnerships in industries and policy sites. The current students are composed of labor experts including certified public labor attorney, private and public sector personnel/labor managers, related civil officials, and labor workers. Graduates are passionately active as labor-management experts in each field based on high ties between friends as well as practical exchanges.