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Labor Law

Labor Law

The Department of Labor Law was established with the aim of fostering labor law experts useful in practice and industrial fields through in-depth research on the legal system that resolves conflicts between labor and management. Graduates and current students of the Department of Labor Law are composed of not only legal practitioners such as judges and lawyers, but also personnel and labor management managers of each company, labor union activists, civil officials in related fields, and certified public labor attorney, who are currently engaged in prominent activities in various fields.


The main characteristics of the subject content of the Department of Labor Law are as follows.


First, it focuses on more theoretically and thoroughly researching the labor law system. Through this, it fosters objective and fair resolution to disputes and conflict cases related to labor law.


Second, it is promoting field-oriented learning to seek legal solutions while dealing with not only the theoretical aspect but also all the problems currently occurring in the industrial field. Since theories that have left the field alone cannot sufficiently fulfill the mission of law, it is creating a place for learning to consider and solve problems together based on the experiences of workers in each field.


Third, the members of the Department of Labor Law are widely distributed in labor, management, government, and the working world, so they can have a broad perspective through extensive dialogue and discussion in class.


Fourth, the Department of Labor Law provides many opportunities to approach labor issues from the perspective of other adjacent studies (industrial relations, labor economics, and labor welfare policy) in addition to the legal aspect.


Based on the above characteristics, the Department of Labor Law is positioned as a leading educational institution that fosters key personnel in Korea's labor-related fields.